By clicking the "Register" button in the registration form, you automatically agree to comply with all the rules stated herein and not to violate them at any point during the projects existence. If you do not agree with any clause of this Agreement, leave this page immediately.
The regulations below were created to optimize the operation between AFTER AI LTD ("Company") and a citizen or resident of any country ("Client"). They outline the ways of regulating the work processes.
Note that an individual can be an investor only if they are legally considered as an adult. The presented regulations are protected by law. They are legally fixed and guarantee a reliable transaction.


1.1 Any individual who has reached the age of 18 and registered on the Company's official website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") becomes a Client of the Company and is one of the Parties in the process of cooperation, governed by these Regulations.
1.2 Disclaimer. The company cannot be a defendant for any consequences related to the investment activity of the Client. The company is not an insurance guarantor of the provided services and / or actions.
1.3 The Client confirms that they voluntarily carry out investments using their personal funds and cannot make claims to the Company in cases when the process of interaction has not reached the expected results during the entire investment period.
1.4 At any time, without preliminary agreement with the Client, and also prior to notifying the Customer, the Company has the right to amend these Regulations, whilst predominantly respecting majority’s interest or the interests of the Company.


2.1 The Company is obliged to provide the Customer with an appropriately and uninterruptedly functioning Website, as well as provide information and consulting services in the area of online investing.
2.2 The Company is obliged to store personal data provided by the Customer in a confidential environment and under no circumstances should transfer this data to third parties.
2.3 The Company undertakes to provide and constantly update, as necessary, the most advanced technological solutions that ensure safe use of the Website, as well as the transfer and exchange of information through the Website.
2.4 The Company guarantees a stable accrual of interest on its investment proposals, presented for the Client to consider.
2.5 The Client undertakes to keep his authorization data secure and not to transfer it to third parties.
2.6 The Client undertakes not to use SPAM technologies, and also guarantees not to use other malicious or spyware programs of any sort.
2.7 The client undertakes to show loyalty to the Company, guided by strictly balanced and objective decisions. All disputes that may arise between the Client and the Company are resolved solely by means of negotiations using the methods and means of interactive communication present at the time of such disagreements.
2.8 The Client undertakes to provide Company with correct and up-to-date personal information, including information on payment details.
2.9 The Company has the right to take the investment funds into fiduciary management which is voluntarily provided by the Client for these purposes in the form of deposits, formed and activated using the software of the Company's website. The value is determined by the Client independently.
2.10 The Client has the right to use all functions of the Website, to make investments, to make profit, to receive profit in the form of partner benefits, and to use the opportunities of the Leadership Program.
2.11 The Parties undertake not to disclose the details of their cooperation to third parties under any circumstances, in other words, to consider their cooperation as a private matter.
2.12 You can open only one account.


3.1 The Company cannot be responsible for failures in the Website operations, if they were caused by force majeure circumstances, or circumstances that are not controlled by the Company.
3.2 The Company is not responsible for the accuracy or precision of the Customer's perception of the information (content) presented on the Website. All information posted on the Website is advisory and is not to be seen as a call for any action.
3.3 The Company is not responsible in the event where Customer incorrectly indicated his payment details upon registration on the Website. Or in the case when the Customer independently made incorrect changes to his own payment details, using for this purpose the corresponding options in the personal account.
3.4 The Company is not responsible for any losses or other inconvenience caused by system malfunctions of electronic payment systems that the Customer uses to conduct the investment process or to withdraw funds.
3.5 The Company is not responsible for any losses that the Client may incur as a result of using the Website.


4.1 The client confirms the fact that he knows that investing does not provide identical results at different time intervals.
4.2 The Company has the right to stop the Website’s operation in the event of force majeure circumstances occurring both on the territory of the Company's location and on the territory of the Client's location.
4.3 All changes, additions or corrections to these Regulations come into force automatically as of the moment they are entered into these Regulations.
4.4 All pages of the Website are associated with these Regulations in the same way as any other paragraph or section of these Regulations controls the interaction of the Parties or the investment process.


We live in an age of information technologies, where one of the most important things when working on an online investment project is the security of personal data, as well as reliable protection of transactions, stability of the website to various kinds of attacks and the absence of critical vulnerabilities.
After AI LTD, security specialists carefully approached this issue and implemented the following security elements into our website: DDOS protection, SSL certificate, SiteLock systems, Trustwave, as well as some other security factors that we will not disclose for security purposes of our project.
Above all, you should not worry about transaction’s security when you add or withdraw funds with the use of our website from your account in the project. All transactions are handled securely through an encrypted channel, so no perpetrator can intercept your funds. To protect against unauthorized money transfer from your accounts, we introduced various verification levels of withdrawal requests.
To learn more about the security systems of our website, we prepared an information section, which you can find below.


CloudFlare takes a leading position in the market segment of protection services against DDoS-attacks ("denial of service" cyber-attack type). We developed and debugged a personal infrastructure of filtering computing units, the channel capacity of which allows to process high volumes of traffic. Geographically distributed network covers the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Japan, the USA and China.
Protection against DDoS-attacks is provided with power of more than 1.5 Tbps and 120 Mpps.
SLA’s efficiency is above 99.5%. It can withstand powerful, non-standard, combined, substantial attacks daily and protect against attacks such as:
IP malformed, TCP SYN flood, ICMP flood, TCP-malformed, SlowLoris, ICMP smurf, HTTP POST flood, HTTP SLOW POST, etc.

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